Dash Cam

  • 2 Channels Supported

    The extra channels can be used in conjunction with our
    external cameras for rear view of blind spot monitoring.

  • Easy to Install on Imported Cars

    The minimum size one which doesn't affect on side curtain
    in proper with all foreign cars.

  • Micro SD Card 8G~128G

    Supports up to 128G SD memory for long recording time.

  • Motion-Detection Algorithm

    The video is recorded when sensing motion in parking

  • GPS Route Mapping

    GPS route mapping through RECODIA player and Google
    maps. Routes and speed are displayed.

  • Embedded Microphone

    The embedded microphone enables recording of sounds
    from within the vehicle.

  • G-Sensor

    Event recording occurs via G-Sensor at the time of the
    accident. Event recording can be replayed on the LCD.

  • RECODIA PC Player

    Dut to unique RECODIA file system, data recovery makes
    system more reliable. The recoded file is only able to be
    replayed by RECODIA's own player.

Product Description

MINI Video

※ This video is actually taken by RECODIA's products.
※ This video is for web service, and there is some degradation in image quality.
※ With the viewer provided by RECODIA, you can play clearer videos.


RECODIA Player for PC RECODIA PC Player is a program which enables playback of image stored in the SD card on a PC. Installing Playback Program for PC

The RECODIA PC Player install file is uploaded in the Website of RECODIA(www.recodia.com).
The Player is running after installing if you click the "RECODIA Player".

Mounting Sequence

  • 1 블랙박스를 적당한 위치에 부착합니다.
  • 2 시거플러그로 본체에 전원을 연결합니다.
  • 3 차량 시거플러그를 연결합니다.
  • 4 후방 카메라와 연결합니다. (1)
  • 5 후방 카메라와 연결합니다. (2)
  • 6 고정 마운트로 선을 정리합니다.
  • 7 차량 시동 시 녹화가 시작됩니다.
  • 8 차량 시동이 꺼지면 녹화가 종료됩니다.


Camera Resolution 1600 X 1200
Sensor Type 2Mega Sensor
Angle 128°
Internal 1 Channel
External No Extra Camera 1Channel
LCD Display External Camera PC
External Recording PC
Information Display LED
External Monitor Enable
Recording Method Codec MPEG-4
Resolution 1280 X 576
Basic Recording Constant
Optional Recording Event Seperate
G-Sensor 3 Axis (X,Y,Z)
Serial Recording Type LOOP
Storage Media Type & Technology Micro SD card
Basic / Maximum 8G ~ 32G 16G ~ 128G
File System RECODIA Type / PC-Compatible
Recording time
& Frame
32G 960min / fast 720min / fast
Mount Structure Hinge
Vertical Angle 360°
Etc Battery Structure Internal Battery
GPS Internal GPS (Option)
MIC Internal MIC
Voltage DC10V ~ 30V
Size 70 x 35(mm)
Weight 40g (GPS)

※ The product is subject to change without prior notice for the purpose of improving the performance of the product.

Please be careful when using the Products.
  • As a Memory card is a consumable item of which the lifetime is limited, check recording and playback
    functions to see whether the Memory card is normally operating before use. If the lifetime of the Memory
    card is over, replace it with a product of same specification.
  • Do not use the Memory card of this product also for other products (GPS, digital camera etc.).
    The product may not normally operate.
  • In the case the user want to continue using the product after an accident, use it with another Memory card.
  • Never remove the Memory card during video recording. The Memory card may be damaged and it may
    not be possible to check the stored video. Be sure to disconnect the Memory card after power off.

※ Please refer to the manual for other precautions.