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Mounting Porter Ⅱ / Starex / Bongo Ⅲ / Carnival
Output Voltage 14.8 V (12V Vehicle)
Stop of the Output Current 200 ~ 240 A
Operation of the Output Current 370 A
Hot Max Amperage @ 200°F 320 A
Pulley OEM standard
Brush and Regulator Valeo (Made in France)
Alternator Stator Dual 3-Phase (6 Phase)
Ripple Current 10 A
Temperature Compensation 3-Step Thermal Protection
Rectifier 80 A X 12EA Press Fit Bosch Diode
Rectifier Radiation Instrumentality Aluminum Heatsink
Product Warranty 2 Years

※ The product is subject to change without prior notice for the purpose of improving the performance of the product.